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  • Shanghai Dongming Rubber&Plastic Products Co.,Ltd is a science&technology—intensive private enterprise which specialized in researching,producing and selling weather strips.Our enterprise mainly produces the thermoplastic EPDM weather strips(which including door and window series weather strip,glass curtain wall weather st rip,colored weather strip,hard-soft co-extrusion weather strip, container weather strip,subway weather strip,refrige rator weather strip etc.)and produces the thermoplastic EPDM expansion joint,anti-collision material,shock pad,Santoprene gaskets,polyvinyl chloride weather strip,double-sided adhesive tape,foam strap and so on.

    Our company owns eight production lines and two co-extrusion lines with the capacity to produce 30 million meter weather strips yearly.Our products have all been tested by the Shanghai Rubber Products Institute,Shanghai Building Quality Inspection Center.and the Shanghai Quality Supervision&Inspection Stand of Building Materials and Components,and proved to live up to the national standards and industrial standards.

    In January 2011.our company has also achieved IS09001:2008 Quality Management System Certification certified by Germany DQS Co.,LTD.

    In April 2010.our company had been honored by Shanghai Decoration and Fitment of Industry Association as one of the"2009 Annual Honest Best-in-class Businesses".

    Our products have been applied to the Sunnyvale of Shanghai World Expo, Shanghai East Sports Center,Shanghai Pudong International Airport,Mingtian Plaza(Shanghai),International Airport New Delhi(India),and so on.

    Our company sticks to the beliefs in Quality first,Service supreme,Friendly cooperation and Common development with the aim to deliver high-quality products to the numerous customers decently and timely.