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    Company:Shanghai Dongming Rubber&Plastic Products Co.,Ltd

    Address:No.775 Liuxiang road,Nanxiang town,Jiading District, Shanghai, China




    EPDM gaskets

    Dongming Gaskets by Thermoplastic EPDM are the leading products of our company which have already been applying for the state invention patent. It has the excellent elastic performance of vulcanized rubber EPDM with features of being weather, ozone, ultraviolet resusting, good heat and impact resisting, no heavy metal, no halogen, green, and recyclable. They are the best choice instead of the EPDM and PVC in the field of Building Curtain Wall, Doors and Windows' seal, Container Door's seal, City Conservatory' seal, Automobile Doors and Windows' Seal.
      Thermoplastic vulcanizates(EPDM) is the new high polymer alloy material which has both the excellent elastic performance of vulcanized rubber EPDM and the processing performance of thermoplastic resin, they are also called "The third generation rubber". They are based on an extensice research done by Doctor A.Y.Coran and Doctor R.Patel in the lab at the Monsanto Company in 1976, and to be industrial production in 1981, their brand is named "Santoprene". They have excellent weather, ozone, ultraviolet resistance and good heat, impact resistance. The performance of oil and chemical resistance is similiar to Neoprene, It can be moulded by processing equipment of Thermoplastic plastic. It doesn't need the complicated precision smelting and vulcanization process like rubber. It has the characteristics such as designing and machining easily, saving power, protecting environment and Recycling using. It si promoted to apply in sealing and absorption in some developed countries such as American, Occident, Janpan and so on.
      Automotive:Global automotive industry has requested others about recyclability of vehicles and began to constrainedly carry out the international standards about using Thermoplastic vulcanizates(EPDM) instead of Thermoset rubber. Like that European Parliament and Council issued 2000/53/EC Scrap car recycling directive in September 2000 and in Janpan, they implement Automobile Recycling Law formally from January 1.2005.
      Construction:Thermoplastic vulcanizates(EPDM) Sealing is preferred to others used to doors, windows and so on. In globar world, with the development of Aluoinum doors and windows of slap-up buildings, slug of office, seals used on doors and windows of trains, ship and planes and containers being to a top grade and environmental protection. It is a developing trend that Thermoplastic vulcanizates(EPDM) will replace the traditional building sealing material.
      Our company had successfully introduced the first Raw material production line and the matching R & D and production facilities of Thermoplastic vulcanizates(EPDM), which has synchironous development between (EPDM) and seal tape products and the ability of Collaborative Production. It gives the birth of only company in the country who can developded and produce seal Thermoplastic vulcanizates(EPDM) by itself.